Online Summer Handicap: Knockout Stage

The Draw

Use the team name in the left-most column for contact details, use the orange brace to submit a result, the IMP result provides the match card.

Civil Service [1]36}White Rabbits82}White Rabbits
White Rabbits [1]45
London Underground [2]47}Canary Wharf30
Canary Wharf [4]52


Four teams qualify for the knockout stages, the winner and runner-up from each pool. Because of the arbitrary 10-10 adjudication in Pool A, seeds from that Pool were allocated randomly.

Pool AVPsIMPsRank PtsSeed
London Underground426942.0693
Civil Service425642.0561
Pool B
Canary Wharf441644.0162
White Rabbits431643.0164

Updated: 24.Aug.2022