SURDOC: Face-to-Face Cancelled

With only three teams entering, the proposed face-to-face 2021-22 SURDOC teams (Wednesday 18th May) has regrettably been cancelled.

We will endeavour to again hold an online version, most likely on RealBridge, in June (Mondays, 13th & 20th proposed). Details to be confirmed.


Online Summer Handicap

There has gain been a good response for the Online Summer Handicap Teams to be held over May, June and July. This year 10 teams contest the 'OSH'. See layout of divisions (or link from left).

OSH – Brief Conditions of Contest

Reminder, this is a friendly event, with shorter matches, no Masterpoints, against teams from different divisions, people whom you might well have not played before. The event is run by Mark Hutton, there is no fee to enter but first prize is free entry to the 2022-23 League!


April is a Playing Month

For many years April has been de facto a month in which to complete fixtures, despite anecdotally at least, Easter being cited as end of season. It was probably never true – let alone sensible to have a moveable feast as an end-point – but it is now official; April is available to complete fixtures.

Next year we will amend the fixture-sheet accordingly. If you have to go into May, please contact the Results Secretary. Note that we do plan another 'Online Summer Handicap' – but open only to teams who have completed their regular fixtures.



The 2021-22 event will be held face-to-face on Wednesday 18th May 2022 at the Mind Sports Centre (Young Chelsea BC), 21-23 Dalling Road, W6 0JD. Following the pre-pandemic model of previous holdings of the SURDOC, light refreshments (incl. tea/coffee) are included and available from 6:00pm with play beginning promptly at 6:30pm.

See the full details (named menu-item left).


The draws for the second round of the Leslie Dodds and the first round of the Gainsborough Plate have been made – see links to the left. There is one match yet to be played from Round 1.


2021-22 Selfridges Pairs – Closing Soon

This version of the event was also cancelled.

Please note that the closing date for this year's Selfridges Pairs is this Friday, 19th November. The event itself is on Tuesday 23rd and will be on BBO. For further details, see full entry details (menu, left).


League and KO Results

Cumulative results have now been posted, apologies for the hiatus. If any are wrong, please use the 'correction' options and resubmit.

2021-22 Selfridges Pairs

The face-to-face event was cancelled due to lack of support. We have reverted to an online edition edition as last year, to be held on Tuesday 23rd November, 6pm on BBO. See full entry details (and from menu, left).

7-November: captains have been sent an invite to the event.


2021-22 Selfridges Pairs – Tuesday 26th October

Invitations have been sent to captains for this season's Selfridges Pairs, details of which are on the menu, left.

The venue is the Young Chelsea (though moved since we last played) and we are hopeful that this will mark some sort of return to face-to-face bridge. To assess viability (14 pairs) the closing date is a few days earlier than usual on Friday 15th; please enter as soon as you can.


'Match held' on Results Submission

There is a field for completion on the results submission form, 'Match held', with two options, 'Online' and 'Face-to-face. This does not affect scoring in any way but will collect data on how matches are played this season, to better inform future decisions. Both this field and 'Boards played' reflect the existing defaults on opening the form.


Contact details for Knockout Round One

Accommodating a late entry into Div. 5 perturbed the lookup of contact details for teams from that division playing in the Cup (League not affected). The page has been regenerated and is now working as intended. Apologies.


Online Summer Handicap

The OSH was won last night by KPMG who defeated Roehampton Diamonds by a single IMP on the last board. Congratulations to Martin Stephens, Simon Creasey, Wei Tham, Will Roper – commiserations to Ralph Evers, Peter Bonnor-Moris, Peter Hardyment and Malcolm Bricknell. Full results: knockouts and group stage.

New Season Details

The new League layout and knockout draw is published left. We are back to five divisions – see the 'Year page' for the rationale of the new layout.

AGM Wednesday 8th September, 6pm online via Microsoft Teams


Included in the business of the Association this year is the ratification of new governance documents. These have been modelled on the EBU templates for clubs and associations (although our Association fits neither exactly). Notwithstanding the changed circumstances, the secretary would be pleased to receive any proposals or nominations for office or committee membership by 1st September (7 days prior to AGM).

  1. Opening by chairman (preceded by technical advice)
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Approval of the minutes of the 2020 AGM
  4. Matters arising from the 2020 AGM
  5. Adoption of revised Constitution and new Privacy Policy
  6. Presentation of accounts
  7. Election of officers and committee
  8. Appointment of auditor
  9. Playing protocol for new season following survey responses
  10. Any other business

At the completion of business there will be a Captains' Meeting where team representatives will be separated into rooms specific to their division.

Supporting documents

Despite the virtual nature of the Captains' Meeting, a hard copy of the Fixtures sheet may well be useful.


New Season!

Invitations to play in the 2021-22 season have been sent to all captains of teams playing last year.

A reminder that the AGM is online (Microsoft Teams) at 6pm, Wednesday 8th September. As last year, after the AGM, teams will be allocated virtual rooms to arrange fixtures for the season. At the AGM we expect to present a new constitution to replace the existing 'Rules', updated and more aligned to those of bridge clubs and associations. A copy will be posted here with other AGM documentation.

Play in 2021-22 will be on the basis of defaulting to online bridge but, with mutual agreement, permitting face-to-face matches. That was the clear opinion of the survey taken in May/June, ensuring the maximum participation and the preference of a sizeable majority. We do hope face-to-face bridge becomes easier, safer and more acceptable and we look forward to restoring the social element of bridge in London.

Entry for the new season is online only, from the highlighted 'New Season Entries' left; each team needs its unique code, unchanged as ever and cited in emails to captains.


Online Summer Handicap – Knockout Stage Begins

Six teams qualified for the knockout stages, the winner and runner-up from each pool. The best- and second-best firsts have a bye to the semi-final, the remaining pool-winner plays the second-place finisher with the least-strong record.

See the finalists and draw.


New Season Survey

We are soliciting responses from all teams – captains have been sent an email – to better plan the 2021-22 season. Please see the link, left, (you will need your team code).

Relating to that, this year's AGM will be held online (via Microsoft Teams) at 6pm, Wednesday 8th September. Details will be sent to all participating teams on receipt of their registration in August.


Online Summer Handicap

There has been an encouraging response for the Online Summer Handicap Teams to be held over May, June and July. A reminder that the closing date is Friday 30th April. More details in the item below and a list of entered teams.


Knockouts, League and New Summer Event

Leslie Dodds Cup

Congratulations to Civil Service (Mike Bull, Richard Creamer, Roy Westwater, Peter Brook) who defeated Buttons 'A' (Jim O'Donoghue, Trevor Hails, Andrew Clery, Ken Barnett) 50-41 in the final of the Leslie Dodds Cup.

Gainsborough Plate

Belated congratulations to Lavender Blue who a few days earlier, won the Gainsborough Plate. Malcolm Morris, Martin Baker, Andrew Stimson, Anne Stimson defeated RAC Rolls Royce (Andrew Kisiel, David Glass, Pralab Barua, Brigitte Kisiel) 67-64.


Four of the six divisions are complete, the winners of Div. 1 are known but other places are to be decided, Div. 3 is in the balance. Well done to:

20-April All winners are now known and only two League matches remain which will complete the rankings in Div. 1.

Div. 1
Civil Service
Div. 2
Button 'B'
Div. 3
Balliol Alumni
Div. 4
Div. 5
Lords & Ladies
Div. 6
RAC Bristol

We understand that all outstanding matches are scheduled to be completed before the end of April. If that is not the case, please get in touch as soon as possible.

New Summer Event

To keep bridge ticking over during the summer, in response to the obvious enthusiasm for online play and not least of all, to occupy us while our freedom to play normally is constrained, we are introducing a new competition.

Online Summer Handicap

We aim for a friendly event, with shorter matches, no Masterpoints, against teams from different divisions, people whom you might well have not played before. The event will be run by Mark Hutton, there is no fee to enter but first prize is free entry to the 2021-22 League!

We will shortly be sending invites to captains – we hope you will take part.


2020-21 SURDOC Trophy

Congratulations to White Rabbits (Konrad Mau, John Gibbons, Andrew Shillam, Mike Shilling) who won the 2020-21 SURDOC Trophy

1.White Rabbits10vICL11vRoD17vLaB17vRAM18vStE73
2.London Underground2vCiS18vRAS14vLiv11vCMA16vLoU61
3=Stock Exchange15vCaW18vLaB19vCiS4vStE4vRAR60
3=RAC Rolls Royce18vRAS5vCiS19vBaA16vLoU2vWhR60
5.CMS Alumni10vRoD17vICL8vRAM9vRAR15vCiS59
6.Civil Service18vRAR15vStE1vLoU13vRoD5vCMA52
8=Habeas Corpus7vBaA7vLiv16vICL9vFor11vRAM50
10.RAC Morgan4vLaB20vCaW12vCMA3vWhR9vHaC48
11.Roehampton Diamonds10vCMA9vWhR12vFor7vCiS7vLiv45
12=Balliol Alumni13vHaC11vFor1vStE11vLiv8vRAS44
12=RAC Spitfire2vStE2vRAR18vCaW10vLaB12vBaA44
14.Lavender Blue11vLiv9vBaA8vRoD11vHaC4vICL43
16.Canary Wharf5vLoU0vRAM2vRAS2vICL12vLaB21

Full results on Ian Mitchell's BridgeWebs site.


SURDOC Trophy – Today

Competing teams should read the joining instructions,

Contact numbers are on those instructions and the overall event details.


SURDOC Trophy – Latest

The SURDOC is tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd March. The entry currently stands at 15 teams (see list of entries) and we do have a make-up team as standby for the necessary even number of participants. But if you would still like to enter get in touch. We welcome teams made up from players currently representing different League or Knockout teams. In fact, if you are a pair, we can even try to find you teammates.

Contact with any interest.


SURDOC Trophy – Update

The details for the SURDOC are being finalised and acknowledgments and instructions will be sent out to entered teams soon. In the meantime, see the list of entries received for reassurance.



There was no SURDOC Teams in the 2020 calendar year, but the annual event normally held in October was held over until this spring. The 2020-21 SURDOC will be held online on Tuesday 23rd March 2021.

Team captains have been informed and full details can be found on the menu-item, left.


Leslie Dodds and Gainsborough Plate

All first-round matches are complete, the draw has now been made, see links left (for quick reference, also Round 1).

The criteria for the draw are:

With an original entry of 24 teams, there are therefore 12 teams in both Cup and Plate, with four byes. Because there were six home wins and six aways, this year it was possible to satisfy the first criterion in addition to the second.

The play-by date for Round 2 is 1-Jan-2021.


Selfridges Cup

Congratulations to Jimmy Strauss and Stuart Leigh, winners of the Selfridges Pairs, the first event of the 2020-21 season.

1.Jimmy Strauss & Stuart Leigh65.61%
2.Mike Bull & Richard Creamer59.34%
3.Roy Westwater & Andrew MacAlister58.67%

See full results, courtesy of 'Bridge with Ned Paul' website, from 2020 Selfridges Pairs (left) or direct to external site.

Selfridges Pairs – Tonight, 6pm on BBO

A reminder not to leave your login until the last moment.

The event will be listed using 'Selfridges' and/or 'LBHCBA' (for searches) and available to join shortly after 5pm.

For those new to BBO Tournaments:


Selfridges Pairs

Tuesday 17th November, 6pm on BBO

Entries are invited for the Selfridges Pairs. It is moot whether this is the '2020' event postponed from April and part of the 2019/21 season, or part of 2020/21, brought forward from next year and swapped in the calendar with the SURDOC teams. Such are the times in which we live.

This only Selfridges Pairs this year will be of 18 boards (to prevent clash with BBO peak hours) and cost £10 per pair (payable by bank transfer). Prior registration is required. Enter by email to .

More information, including details required from participants, on the Selfridges Pairs page (menu-item, left).


AGM, League layout (apologies), Cup conditions (costs)

Online AGM

The attendance at the AGM was impressive, the last count before the start was 33 but that may have been exceeded by delayed arrivals. Business was conducted promptly and the team representatives distributed for a fixtures meeting.

Under Other Business it was mooted from the floor that the prohibition on kibitzers spoke of undue concern over foul play to exclude an enjoyable part of online match play for teammates and when players finished at one table. The committee will consider a relaxation of the stricture on kibitzing at its first meeting.

Also raised was the League layout, the short notice and changes due to the increased numbers. The precise makeup of the League was only known with the final respondents to two reminders to register. The increase from 30 (five 6-team divisions) to 31 (plus two, minus one) created a problem and many different solutions were considered over the weekend following the closing date before publication and notification on Tuesday.

League – apologies

The schedule we presented and its explanation was generally well received but there were two compensating errors in the implementation. Those were missed by all the committee in the melee of alternative layouts and did not come to light until the day after the AGM, when, of course, many matches had already been arranged.

New 1New 2New 3New 4New 5New 6
D1 1-4D1 5-6
D2 1-2D2 3-4D2 5-6
D3 1D3 2-3D3 4-5D3 6
D4 1D4 2-3D4 4-5D4 6
D5 1D5 2D5 4-6

The actual layout has Roehampton Hearts (D4.3) in Div. 5 (not Div. 4) and Formtex (D5.2) in Div. 4 (not Div. 5).

As soon as this came to light we contacted Roehampton Hearts, the most adversely affected, with a view to rectification. However, with great grace, the Roehampton captain consulted the team and decided to remain in the division allocated. We thank the whole team for their understanding.

Cup conditions – cost sharing

A reminder, though it will not have anything like the same effect in online play, that in February it was decided not to continue the 2019-20 experiment in sharing costs for cup matches. See minutes of that meeting. The intention to alternate home/away in the first two rounds of the knockouts remains.