AGM Tomorrow

6:15pm at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club, Goldhawk Road

The AGM and captains' meeting (to arrange fixtures for the season) is tomorrow, Monday 9th September. As previously, there will be no paper copies at the AGM of the following documents – please print your own if you require them (the blank fixtures template is especially useful).

The forthcoming season looks like this:

AGM Agenda
  1. Opening by chairman
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Approval of the minutes of the 2018 AGM
  4. Matters arising from the 2018 AGM
  5. Chairman's report
  6. Treasurer's report
  7. Election of officers
  8. Appointment of Auditor
  9. Dates for SURDOC and Selfridges
  10. Playing of League and Cup matches
  11. Any other business

At conclusion of AGM,


League Entries

Apologies for the confusion with evening and mobile telephone numbers. I'm not sure how it happened and given that it did, I wasn't sure how to fix it and retain data integrity. I hope what it now present is true to those who switched and those who didn't.

'Day and 'Evening' seems a little old-fashioned these days but retains some use in our context. I have however imposed this protocol with telephone numbers:


New Season – New AGM Venue!

AGM: Monday 9th September, 6:15pm at the Young Chelsea BC, Goldhawk Road

Agenda and other documentation to follow.

The AGM will be followed by a captains' meeting to arrange fixtures.

League and Knockout

We are pleased to welcome two new teams, RAC Bristol and The Summary Justices, which brings the number involved to 31 and some realignment will be required. The draft layout will be available shortly. However all winners and runners'-up of lower divisions will certainly move up.

The first-round draw for the Cup will be made closer to the AGM when there is more confidence in the number of teams competing.


The teams-of-four event is on Thursday 3rd October 2019, 6:00pm at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club, 54 Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush, London, W12 8HA (full details).

Registration for 2019-2020

In brief:

Team entries are managed online via this website. Captains have been sent an email detailing how to access and confirm/amend all their team's details – entry to League/KO/SURDOC, contact information, line-ups.

If your captain is away or has stood down, please get in touch and you'll be sent a code to access your team's details. At the very least we need you to press the button and confirm you are entering again this year.


Leslie Dodds Cup

The holders failed to retain the Leslie Dodds Cup in a low-scoring final. Congratulations to Habeas Corpus (David Ewart, Hugh Mackie, Mike Scoltock, Barry Myers), commiserations to Stock Exchange 'A' (Peter Cogliatti, John Clarke, Stuart Leigh, Jimmy Strauss).


Diary Date (1): AGM and New Venue

The 2019 AGM to establish the 2019-20 season will be on Monday 9th September at the Young Chelsea BC, Goldhawk Road. We will be in the rear playing room, beginning at 6pm. As ever, the Captains' Meeting will follow normal business and presentation of prizes.

Diary Date (2): SURDOC Trophy

The SURDOC teams-of-four will also be at the Young Chelsea, on Thursday 3rd October at 6pm. As in recent years, entries can be made when registering for the new season; see full details.


2018-19 League Complete

All matches in the 2018-19 League have been played. Congratulations to the division winners:

Division 1.
White Rabbits
Division 2.
Stock Exchange 'A'
Division 3.
RAC Morgan
Division 4.
Division 5.


Gainsborough Plate

Congratulations to Buttons 'A' (Jim O'Donoghue, Iain MacLeay, Vijay Tymms, Andrew Clery) who defeated London Underground (Audrey Hartley, Gary Diamond, John Levy, Paul Thornton) in the Plate final 75-43.


Selfridges Cup

Congratulations to Andrew MacAlister and Graham Horscroft, winners of the 2019 Selfridges Pairs, the last event of the 2018-19 season.

1.Andrew MacAlister & Graham Horscroft69.35%
2.Dean Swallow & Carlos Dabezies60.42%
3.Mike Bull & John Bernard57.14%

See full results, courtesy of 'Events in London' website, from 2019 Selfridges Pairs (left) or direct to external site.


Division Five

Well done to all six teams in Division Five for being the first to complete all their matches. Congratulations to champions KPMG and runners-up, Stock Exchange 'B'.

Rescoring Matches

In an effort to prevent 'accidental' overwriting of previously scored matches (though, it has to be said, it was already hard to mistake) I have time-limited the availability of the 'Rescore this match' button. That now disappears after five days.

If you score the first leg of a home match as away (or vice versa), score the second leg also the wrong way around and either, (a) keep quiet about it or (b) include a note to the effect in the comments box and keep your fingers cross that I notice.


Submitting Results

The website appears not to be sending emails from the results pages. The last received was on Tuesday 9th April. When you submit a result captains always receive an email confirmation; if you didn't receive one, the result did not get through either.

For the time being, please do not send or resend results by the form (or any other way for that matter). Keep an eye on this page and a I hope normal service will resume soon. Last time something like this happened, when the blockage was removed, the mails came through.

Update 22:10: It seems back to normal now. I'm not sure if Mark Newton at hosts ECats did something or it was to do with our Google mailbox (and so out of our control). I stood Mark down around 18:00 while I tried other approaches and the old method started working again arounbf 18:22 (nothing I did).

Fortunately included within the send-failures I received are the submitted results. They appear to be:

There are also duplicates, I'll sort them all out in the morning.


Knockout Draws

Apologies. Both knockout draws were accidentally corrupted on 17th January. They have now been reverted to their original state – if you think differently, please get in touch.

As a result of some innocent tidying, the indexes between the team-names and the random numbers (fixed after the draw) were broken. Everything else is done by team-name and unaffected.


Selfridges Cup 2019

Happy New Year.

Bright and early, the date for our annual Pairs even has been set: Tuesday, 14th May 6pm at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club, Goldhawk Road.

See the full details, also link from left.


Knock-Out Draws

Draws for the next round in both knockouts have been made – see left-hand links. Captains have been informed. There is one either-or which is expected to be resolved next week.

13-November: The final Round 1 match has been played.



Congratulations to David Hull, Stuart Leigh, Chris Brewin and Brian Kelly of Stock Exchange who won the annual teams.

Stock Exchangex-1771341216-11111045
Civil Service-720x156-4-113-627
Buttons A-1322-15x110943122
Buttons B-4-17-6-1x10-111-22414
RAC Rolls Royce-12-44-10-10x-3-5-423-21
White Rabbits-1641-913x6-131-22
Buttons C11-9-1-4-115-6x12-21-24
Livesey Second-11-11-3-32413-12x-3-24
KPMG Blue-10-196-1-24-23-1213x-48

See the full results.


SURDOC – Places Left

Two places remain for this year's SURDOC Trophy on Tuesday 2nd October. We are now accepting additional teams from clubs and indeed, those made up of players from more than one LBH participating team.

The following teams have already entered:

See full details (or from left).



There have been a few changes to the forms that record results and team details. In the main these are 'under the hood', to consolidate data and better manage the end of its useful life. That part, the removal of personal details from historical records, is ongoing.

The results submission has been tidied so, I hope, adding new players is more intuitive. If any irregularities emerge, I'd like to know.