Early Knockout Draws!

A possibly unprecedented event: Round One of the knockout was completed ahead of schedule so the draw for both the Leslie Dodds Cup and the Gainsborough Plate has been made.

Diverging from past years, an attempt has been made to 'balance' the first two rounds in terms of homes and aways. This is inexact as there were more home-wins (6) than away-wins (4) and further complicated by a bye and a walkover. The previous constraint that in rounds one and two teams from the same 'business house' would not meet each other has been preserved.

The play-by date for round two is Friday 27th December.

Note that as there are five byes in round two of the Plate, there is also a quarter-final match, RAC Spitfire v Buttons 'B'.


Goldhawk icon

Goldhawks League 2020

The Young Chelsea is launching a new non-expert league in 2020 and holding a taster-event on Thursday 7th November. They write:

Download a poster [PDF] with additional details.


Selfridges Pairs 2020 – date now confirmed

The 2020 Selfridges Pairs will be held at the Young Chelsea, Goldhawk Road, on Tuesday 28th April next year. See item left for further details.


Update to Results Submission

I have updated the webpage by which scores are submitted, bringing the League in line with way Knockout scores are reported. Now League results can now only from the division tables – there is no general way to select division, team etc. In addition I have added a few more validations on the submissions (to make my life easier).

As ever with new software, be vigilant; if there is any odd behaviour please report it.


Sharing of Refreshment Costs for Knockout Matches

It has been pointed out that at the AGM, in item 11 relating to the 'Playing of League and Cup Matches', a motion for teams to share the costs of refreshments for knockout matches was passed. The minutes [PDF] have been amended accordingly.



Civil Service captured the SURDOC in a tightly-contested event, congratulations to Richard Creamer, Mike Bull, Roy Westwater and Alex Allan.

Civil Service0-7117-318-422
Stock Exchange B707-6141-716
Lavender Blue-11-70-143321114
Stock Exchange Bulls-76140-4-812
London Underground3-14-340-711-6
KPMG Blue-18-1-3287014-22

See the full results including line-ups and cross-IMPs.


AGM Summary

For those not at the AGM the minutes [PDF] are available. The committee changed slightly, John White stepping down and replaced by Mark Hutton.

Marina Chaning Pearce
Vice Chairman
Andrew Kisiel
Peter Wagon
Peter Cogliatti
Results Secretary:
Chris Chambers
Tournament Organiser:
Philip Watson
Committee Members:
Audrey Hartley & Mark Hutton

There is still space to enter the SURDOC (13 teams max.), see '2019 SURDOC' to the left, entries close 30th September.