London Business Houses Contract Bridge Association

We organise competitive but friendly bridge in central London.

We are not affiliated to the English Bridge Union yet we are able to award Masterpoints and may refer to their Tournament Directing and advisory structures. Formally our relationship is that of 'Licensed Operator'.

Our definition of 'business house' has always been loose. This has seen many institutions playing; lawyers, local authorities, governmental departments and many others. If you are interested in competing with us, read our Short introduction (which is longer than this) then get in touch, either via the link below or the Committee page.

Our web presence is a results and information service to members – all communication, results and comments, should be sent to .

This site is hosted by the good people at ECats (as honoured in the icon left). They are very active in bridge matters – justly famous for running the Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs – check out their bridge site.