Rules and Regulations of the LBHCBA


Our articles of association were significantly reformulated during the upheavals of 2019-21 and passed at the 2021 AGM. When the changes of that period, principally the move to online matches, proved more persistent, further amendments were made which were presented and passed at the 2023 AGM.

The process is not yet complete: the 2021 & 2023 revisions were to matters of governance, how the Association is run and its obligations to members, not how its bridge should be arranged, played, scored etc. That last segment is a work in progress.


In conformity with most bridge clubs and associations, our Association has a Constitution and a Privacy Policy.

Formal definition of the association, make-up of committee and functions of officers, conduct of meetings etc.
Privacy Policy
What personal data the Association holds and what it does with it.

The documents above replace the 'Rules of the LBHCBA' [PDF] (2009).

Conditions of Contest

As per the background notes above, the way matches are played and scored is, except where other judgements overrule (e.g. VP Scales, number of players allowed, also see below) remains unchanged since 2009.

Bye-Laws of the LBHCBA [PDF]
Submission to Laws of duplicate and rules of EBU, conduct of league, knock-outs, Selfridges Pairs, SURDOC Multiple Teams, etc. Last revised at the AGM on 8-Sep-2009.


Annual Subscription
£5 per team attending the AGM but £15 otherwise
£20 per team (increased 2023)
Knock Outs
£5 per team (minimum two matches; one Cup, one Plate or two in Cup)
SURDOC Teams-of-Four
Recently (2023), when held online, this has been of the order of £20 per team
Selfridges Pairs
Comments as the SURDOC, typically, £10 per pair

Conduct of Matches

It has long been a principle that there are no forfeited matches in League matches. In knock-out matches this does not apply and forfeits, though regrettable may arise by failure to supply a team or by not keeping to an agreed date.

In January 2007 the committee ruled on a match starting very late and created a precedent for this difficulty. It established:

  1. The League is competitive but friendly forum for bridge.
  2. The matter of adjustment of League matches is solely the responsibility for the committee.
  3. All matches should start by 19:00. A captain cannot be compelled to start a match half an hour later than the agreed start time or 19:00 (whichever is the earlier).

The committee urges captains to read the precedent in full, written up as an addendum to the committee minutes.