Online Summer Handicap: Knockout Stage

The Draw

Use the team name in the left-most column for contact details, use the orange brace to submit a result, the IMP result provides the match card.

KPMG [3]86}KPMG29}Civil Service
TFKH [2]26
Civil Service [1]50}Civil Service34
Lords & Ladies [4]25


Four teams qualify for the knockout stages: three pool winners and the runner-up with the best (VPs +IMPs/1000)/match quotient. The draw thereafter was random.

Pool AVPsIMPsPlayedRank PtsSeed
Civil Service2423212.01153
RAC Rolls Royce216210.5036
Pool B
Lords & Ladies5884414.5211
Pool C
White Rabbits3729312.3435

Updated: 18.Aug.2023