Knock-Out Round One 2022-2023

To be played by Fri 4-Nov-2022

Team name links to contact details; 'blank' scoring area to submit result; actual score for line-ups.

Lavender BlueButtons 'A'Enter Result
LiveseyWanderers51 – 34
TFKHCivil ServiceEnter Result
National Liberal ClubCanary WharfEnter Result
Stock ExchangeHome OfficeEnter Result
KPMGBalliol AlumniEnter Result
Buttons 'B'RAC SpitfireEnter Result
RAC Rolls RoyceICLEnter Result
Habeas CorpusRAC EliteEnter Result
White RabbitsCoolhurstEnter Result
CMS AlumniNuthurstEnter Result
RAC MorganLondon UndergroundEnter Result

Updated: 24.Sep.2022