Venues for Matches

These comments [Feb 2020] update the 2014 version.

Update: 2020-02-20

The Young Chelsea has decided to revert its match-fee for LBHCBA teams to the pre-2020 level of £80. The change is retrospective; all teams that paid the previous amount of £100 will be reimbursed at their next booking.

A majority of the teams in the League do not have their own home venue, so we have done some research, to help captains. Venue details and availability are subject to change, and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the following.

Please contact your home venue before the September Captains' Meeting/AGM, and make the booking well in advance of the match. Every team should have a normal home venue.

The Young Chelsea is often used for LBHCBA matches, but it is not the default venue: captains have the choice.

Venues should be booked in good time, and re-confirmed with your team mates, your opponents and the venue about a week ahead. Do not delay arranging matches due to uncertainty over the venue, and try to avoid cancelling matches for this reason.

Problems over arrangements affect others, so agree the match details carefully with the members of your team (who should be selected well in advance), your opponents and the venue. Captains should ensure that they have mobile numbers for both their team and the opponents, in case there are last-minute problems.

If the away team cancels a match, they will be liable for any booking, deposit or catering fees already incurred by the home team.

What is an acceptable venue?

  1. No more than 5 miles from Charing Cross as the crow flies, unless agreed by the away team.
  2. Appropriate catering, and good playing conditions, including bidding boxes, boards and stationery.
  3. Able to start not later than 7.00. Duplicated hands and print-outs are not compulsory, and neither is the presence of a Director.

Playing matches privately is fine but, if you are playing at a club, one that can provide a Director on the particular evening is preferable and that usually entails playing alongside an evening club game.

Please let us know immediately if there is any difficulty in organising a match or meeting a play-by date.

If any team has comments or ideas about venues, do let an appropriate member of the Committee know. There follows an alphabetical list: we do not endorse any one venue over another.


86 West End Lane, West Hampstead, London, NW6 2LX.

The club has duplicates every weekday evening except Friday, and it can host matches on those days at 7.00, or possibly earlier by agreement. Parking on side streets is unrestricted after 6.30. The club is very near the West Hampstead stations (Jubilee Line, Thameslink, etc.). £64 for a 24-board match. Good sandwiches and tea/coffee included. Good playing conditions. Full equipment, hand records, Director always available.

To book a match: Noorul Malik, (best) or 020 7624 7407.


Cambridge Park (opposite no 3), East Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 2PG.

Given the location, the LBHCBA home captain should check whether the venue is acceptable to the away team. The club is 15-20 minutes' walk from Richmond station, but there are very frequent buses that stop near the club. Parking is unrestricted after 4.30. There is a room for matches on any weekday evening (except the second, fourth or fifth Thursday), with complete flexibility on the start time. £80 for a 24-board match. Good food and tea/coffee included. Good playing conditions. Full equipment, hand records, Director always available.

To book a match: Marietta Andree, 07887 781997 or


19C Craven Road, London W2 3BP. 020 7262 8666.

You could consider this club, which is very well located, near Paddington station. However, it does not run evening duplicates, so availability for matches is uncertain.

Young Chelsea

54 Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 8HA. Parking: see the Information section on the website.

The club has duplicates on Monday and Friday evenings, but it can host matches on any weekday evening from about 6.15. However, availability is limited on certain Wednesdays due to the YC Super League, so please check. £100 £80 for a 24-board match. Excellent food and tea/coffee included. Full equipment, hand records, Director available on Mondays and Fridays only.

To book a match: 020 8740 4194 or 07555 287005 or

Other venues

The above clubs seem to be the most suitable venues (apart from the RAC Club, of course, where LBHCBA teams enjoy the facilities and hospitality at away matches). However, captains are welcome to look elsewhere, using their contacts, county and club websites, or the EBU's search tool:

David Hull and Peter Cogliatti

3 February 2020