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Where 'getting in touch' is recommended send email to .


Select players and send. You should find that past players, and new ones after their debut, are in the dropdown lists. If you have a new team-member select 'New Player' and when the highlighted input-field appears, type in there. 'Send' takes you to a confirmation-page on with a link back to the league or knockout draw. You will receive the text of the result by email.

Both League and Cup results are submitted from 'here' and you can only get here from the Divisions and KO draws respectively.

You can change a result for five days after submission. That allows corrections to scores and line-ups but avoids accidentally overwriting an already-posted result.

If you have difficulties using the scorer (or suggestions) please get in touch – but check out the following first.

Usability Questions…

Who should enter the result?

It really doesn't matter. In the dark past each captain had the right number of postcards for home matches but now, it is better that the person who knows the score and line-ups does it as soon as possible. That might be winner or loser, home or away or someone with a smartphone.

How do I correct a result?

You can correct results but because there is no 'select division, select team' route as earlier, the only access to a previously posted result is from the scorecard of the match. Find the result in the League rankings or the knockout draw, click on the result; that displays the scorecard of the match and from that is a link for correction. But that only appears for five days after submission.

If you are outside the 5-day window for change, you'll need to get in touch.

If you've entered a first leg of a home-and-away pair of league matches then…

The first result was entered as home but was away…

That's bad luck. Don't worry about it; score the second leg opposite to the first. If you've just this moment done the first one wrong, ask politely and I'll reverse the results at my end. Or you could just not worry about it.

My new player's name was mangled when entered…

Use the in-season 'Edit Team Detail' from the left-menu to correct the name and put an explanation. This is a good place to add EBU Numbers to players introduced mid-season. Don't re-order players willy-nilly; during the season, at a couple of points, the names are shuffled so that the more active player appear higher (but captain always first).

Technical Questions…

Why doesn't it work?

I'm no expert here, let's get that out of the way first. But the site behaves reasonably well not just on 'computers' but on most mobile devices. That's not a testament to great engineering, more that it's very simple.

If nothing happens, you don't see any names, just outlines with no specific data, it's possible you've unwittingly stopped one of its components from working.:

The actual form – as opposed to the sending of mail – is done inside your web browser and runs on your computer. It's in JavaScript, a pleasingly simple language that browsers know how to operate. These days it is hard to disable but the very suspicious might have done so; check this first. If you don't know how, Google enable javascript and append the name of your browser. Good luck.

If everything goes OK but you don't get an email; that is, you are taken to the 'result sent' page but you don't receive anything.

The most likely eventuality is that your email server took exception to receiving mail from our web server. Of course you might check your own team's details for typos in your address but if this persists (and waiting a while is worthwhile as quarantining happens), get in touch. But the omens aren't good. I will still process the result though and sometimes I receive notification that you didn't get a mail.

Other odd technical problems: get in touch.

Will I be able to see the updated result immediately?

No. The mechanism is that I process the email when it arrives and update the website accordingly. That's a simple button-press and usually accomplished next morning, during the day.

But the process means I do get scrutiny of the mails; so I can check for faults, inadvertent repetition, vandalism etc. Without oversight some sort of authentication would have to be in place, like the EBU's Leagues system. Usernames and passwords are a bit heavy-handed for us and the EBU system itself is problematic because many captains are not EBU members.

My name is on the Internet – should I be worried?

I don't think so. Your details (captain's email, phone, everyone's EBU) are held in moderately encrypted format. That means they won't be harvested by spammers. Obviously it is possible that a malevolent actor might commit vandalism by submitting spurious results. That's never happened and the risk is offset against the ease of access, as above.

Corrections etc to

Last Update: 24.Oct.2019