Knock-Out Round One 2020-2021

To be played by Fri 13-Nov-2020

Team name links to contact details; 'blank' scoring area to submit result; actual score for line-ups.

CMS AlumniCoolhurstEnter Result
Stock ExchangeICLEnter Result
LiveseyWhite RabbitsEnter Result
Canary WharfRAC Rolls RoyceEnter Result
FormtexHabeas CorpusEnter Result
KPMGLondon UndergroundEnter Result
Buttons 'B'WanderersEnter Result
Lavender BlueButtons 'A'Enter Result
Balliol AlumniRAC EliteEnter Result
RAC JaguarCivil ServiceEnter Result
Home OfficeRAC MorganEnter Result
RAC SpitfireTFKHEnter Result

Updated: 16.Sep.2020