SURDOC 2020-21

The SURDOC trophy for this annual teams-of-four was presented to the LBHCBA, as far as can be ascertained, in 1964 by the SURDOC Social Club (Surrey Docks). It was first won in 1964-65 by the Civil Service and in 2019 by Civil Service.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the 2020 SURDOC to be moved from its usual place early in the LBH year towards the end, effectively swapping with the Selfridges Pairs. At the initiation of our first online season, we were unsure what form of teams events would be possible. However an early decision was made to make the event a Swiss Teams and that was held in the spring of 2021, still part of the 2020-21 season.

SURDOC Trophy, 23-March-2021

Congratulations to White Rabbits (Konrad Mau, John Gibbons, Andrew Shillam, Mike Shilling) who won the 2020-21 SURDOC Trophy

1.White Rabbits10vICL11vRoD17vLaB17vRAM18vStE73
2.London Underground2vCiS18vRAS14vLiv11vCMA16vLoU61
3=Stock Exchange15vCaW18vLaB19vCiS4vStE4vRAR60
3=RAC Rolls Royce18vRAS5vCiS19vBaA16vLoU2vWhR60
5.CMS Alumni10vRoD17vICL8vRAM9vRAR15vCiS59
6.Civil Service18vRAR15vStE1vLoU13vRoD5vCMA52
8=Habeas Corpus7vBaA7vLiv16vICL9vFor11vRAM50
10.RAC Morgan4vLaB20vCaW12vCMA3vWhR9vHaC48
11.Roehampton Diamonds10vCMA9vWhR12vFor7vCiS7vLiv45
12=Balliol Alumni13vHaC11vFor1vStE11vLiv8vRAS44
12=RAC Spitfire2vStE2vRAR18vCaW10vLaB12vBaA44
14.Lavender Blue11vLiv9vBaA8vRoD11vHaC4vICL43
16.Canary Wharf5vLoU0vRAM2vRAS2vICL12vLaB21

Full results on Ian Mitchell's BridgeWebs site.