Joining Instructions For SURDOC Swiss Teams
Tuesday 23 March at 6pm


To join the tournament:

Agree a time for all four players in your team to LOGIN to BBO

Then Select Competitive, Tournaments, All Tournaments

Scroll down the list, or type 'SURDOC' in the search box top right corner of the list to filter down to our event.

Click on the event name and a box will appear in which you type your partners name, you can also opt to pay for your partner if you wish, and press invite. We are assured we have all the correct usernames, but if you get a message saying you are blocked it is imperative you message the host (by clicking on the host name) and tell us the usernames of the pair. Wait for a reply and then try again. If you are still blocked, call Nicole on 07944 744899.

There is no cost in BBO dollars to play: the event will show as FREE entry as you have made offline arrangements directly with the event organisers. So please ignore the invitation to pay for your partner – it is erroneous.

After both pairs have registered choose tab select teammates. Click on it, locate your teammates partnership and click invite. When your teammates accept you are done (the player who invited from pair 1 should get the invite to accept).

Close the window and click the event title and you should see your four players as a team.

When you have successfully registered online as a team, you can all log-off.

Thereafter please login again as usual by 5 minutes to game time. BBO has one quirk – it will re-assign teams if any pairs are offline – so make sure you are ONLINE and in the competitive area at game time.

Here are the details – this link repeats the above and gives some useful details for playing on BBO.