Online Summer Handicap: Knockout Stage

The Draw

Use the team name in the left-most column for contact details, use the orange brace to submit a result, the IMP result provides the match card.

RAC Rolls Royce [4]}RAC Rolls Royce}}
KPMG [5]}
ICL [3]
Roehampton Diamonds [3]}}
Buttons 'B' [2]
Bye}Balliol Alumni
Balliol Alumni [3]


Six teams qualify for the knockout stages, the winner and runner-up from each pool. The best and second-best firsts have a bye to the semi-final, the remaining pool-winner plays the second-place finisher with the least-strong record.

Pool AVPsIMPsRank PtsSeed
RAC Rolls Royce6917069.171
Pool B
Balliol Alumni546354.0632
Pool C
Roehampton Diamonds534953.0493
Buttons 'B'516251.0626

Updated: 13.Jul.2021